I am very keen to see technologies being used more often to enable people to be more independent and to assist carers to provide enhanced or less intrusive support. Here are some posts about technology in housing and support.

Impact of Assistive Technology at Holly Lodge

Holly Lodge is a housing development for people with learning disabilities whose behaviours challenge services and their environment. One of the aspects of Holly Lodge which has made it unique is the huge amount of assistive technology which has been included.

Four tenants have been at Holly Lodge for over a year now, so we have had an opportunity to consider the impact of the technology on the way that the tenants live and are supported. Click here to read more.

Lets Play!

If you are a Care Manager, OT or other Social Care professional you may have recommended or prescribed some assistive technology, but have you actually played with it?! During one lively session a team did just that. Click here to read

Graham Finds Out About Telecare 

It was really good to meet Graham Skidmore and his Executive Assistant, Rosie, earlier this week.

Graham is Service Quality Director for Thera East and is taking part in the Lived Experience pilot, which aims to fulfil the need for wider engagement between service users and the sector and their communities. Graham is keen to extend his role by bringing new experiences to his job that could further help the people Thera supports. Click here to read more.

People, Personalisation and Telecare

Last month I spoke, on behalf of the Housing & Support Alliance, at Sitra’sAnnual conference and agreed to blog my presentation, so here goes! 

The title of the conference was Innovating for Efficiency. Although Telecare can and does bring efficiencies, the theme of my presentation was about the role of people in Telecare. I have seen and heard enough to know that if we want efficiencies (monetary or otherwise) from telecare then we have to pay special attention to the roles of people within that process. So, my emphasis was very much on practical issues; the realities of frontline practice, and the importance of the relationship between people and technology. Click here to read more.

Online Telecare Assessment Tool

I've been talking about this for months and now its nearly ready!

For some screenshots and bullet points to tempt you - Click here.

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